Summit Corp rebrands as “Summit Plating”

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Summit Corporation of America rebrands as “Summit Plating”

Summit Corporation of America rebranding was inspired by the belief that in effective design, “less is more.” When Summit Corporation of America’s decided to rebrand, it was met with mixed emotions. Certainly, we were both proud and respectful of the established name and identity that our founder, Leonard Foster, had given to this globally recognized electroplating business.

The more we thought about it, the more we realized that the growth and success of Summit throughout the years was directly due to an ability to maintain forward thinking and a one-step-ahead philosophy. With digital, print, and broadcast communications continually competing for our attention, it was clear that brevity and clarity should be our rebranding focus.


Torpedo Specialty Wire acquired by Summit

Torpedo Specialty Wire acquired by Summit

The assets of Torpedo Specialty Wire, Inc.— a respected ISO 9001:2008 certified fabricator of high-performing specialty composite wire and conductors—were recently acquired by Summit Corp. of America. A quick review of the product quality and service value that Torpedo was known for quickly reveals the motivation behind this decision.

According to Summit President Harry Scoble. “What first attracted us to Torpedo was the company’s long-standing commitment to be the very best at what they do. Like Summit, Torpedo Wire was founded on the principal of always striving to deliver beyond client expectations. And just like us, Torpedo has engineered and perfected some proprietary or difficult to replicate plating processes.”

Respected as one of the world’s foremost specialty composite wire electroplating providers, Torpedo’s PA plant manufactured a wide range of Nickel and Tin plated products for a diverse range of applications across many industries. In addition to its plating know-how, of particular interest to Summit was the machinery, equipment, and processes for producing the base material used for its plating requirements. Harry Scoble, Summit’s President, “We’ve eyed these capabilities for several years, and we feel strongly being able to produce the requirement from start to finish gives us access to growing new relationships and enhancing our value to existing ones.”

Torpedo’s competency in specialty wire production and electroplating produced an end product with performance advantages that became in-demanded by companies in the U.S., Africa, Asia, Australia, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim, and Europe. We recognized these plating performance skills as a perfect fit for maintaining and expanding our competitive edge in the plated wire marketplace. And so it wasn’t long before an arrangement to transfer the assets of the Pennsylvania operation to Summit Plating was finalized.

The acquisition has been strengthened by an alliance secured between Summit and Torpedo Wire’s top management. This includes Torpedo’s President and CEO, Loren Ota, V.P. Hal McConnell, and Pennsylvania Plant Manager, Andy Kleinert, who have all joined the Summit Team—Loren Ota in a consulting role and Hal McConnell and Andy Kleinert as full time team members. This alliance has bolstered the transition and has ensured processes and procedures are 100% replicated at our facility.

For Summit’s existing loyal customer base, and for Torpedo’s long standing customers, we believe this acquisition will translate into even greater service value as we continue our goal of being a world-leading supplier for Wire Electroplating, Continuous Plating, Individual Parts Plating, and more.

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