Metal Plating for Marine Parts

Metal plating components to perform in, and withstand, the highly corrosive marine environment is a strong-point of Summit. Our ISO Certifications—combined with our R&D capabilities and significant “problem solving” experience—make Summit a smart choice for marine component manufacturers looking to stay competitive without sacrificing quality.

Focused on solutions that provide Plated Marine Part efficiency along with unsurpassed reliability, our R&D scientists and plating craftsman have formulated many innovative processes using continuous coiled and stamped metal stock. An ability to administer exacting control, consistency, and multi-process variety in these procedures has earned Summit respect and acclaim the world over.

Plating with precious, semi-precious, and sacrificial barrier finishes to nautical specifications.

Because Marine-Grade Part specifications can vary greatly depending on performance needs and application, Summit offers a variety plating and coating processes using whatever metal or combination alloy will deliver the best performance for electrical signal conductivity, moisture and corrosion resistance, strength, appearance, and more.

Typical components we can and have plated for use in the Marine industry include:

  • Marine communication devices
  • Navigation and sounding electronics
  • Radar and positioning electronics
  • Marine switches and mechanism hardware
  • Nautical-grade fasteners

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