Wire Electroplating and Metal Finishing

Delivering hard-to-achieve Electroplating results.

Achieving previously unachievable electroplating results on wire is an accomplishment that sparked and sustained Summit Plating’s global success. Considered a leader in continuous high-speed wire plating, we serve many industries as an agile, experienced, technically advanced subcontract electroplating company.

Summit Plating’s considerable wire electroplating plating advantages include:

  • Proficiency with a wide range of plating chemistries
  • Capabilities plating a wide range of wire diameters and shapes
  • Low to high & ongoing volume capabilities
  • Unique base material plating capabilities
  • Exceptional plating deposit for post plating drawing requirements
  • Exceptional plating deposit for finished plating requirements

Electroplate coating Summit Plating has perfected on round wire include:

Base material processing with exacting control and physical property performance

Base material processing for plating requirements is an important service advantage now offered with our acquisition of Torpedo Specialty Wire. Summit Plating’s traditional “toll” plating capability is expanded considerably with new capabilities in preparing base material for plating and allows us improved economies and process control with final specifications.  Reserved for our electroplating customers only, the rod breakdown, wire drawing, and annealing processes deliver reliable base-product supply, top quality and cost-savings.

Wire Drawing of base material for our plating customers

Summit Plating’s new wire drawing capabilities increase its presence as a leading plated wire manufacturer.  A traditional “toll” plating service provider, Summit’s acquisition of Torpedo’s base material processing equipment and know-how establish Summit as a complete source for plated wire. Summit has expanded its wire drawing capabilities in Cu and Cu alloys, Steel and Steel alloys, and with a wide range of diameters, ranging from .312” to .003”.

Wire Annealing of base material for our plating customers

Summit Plating’s new capabilities annealing round wire further expands its footprint as a world class plated wire manufacturer. The annealing process provides the ability to control exacting physical property specifications, such as tensile, elongation, yield strength, etc. for demanding technical standards. Annealing involves precisely heating and cooling wire in a precisely controlled atmosphere for a specific duration. This process also cleans the wire and removes residual surface contamination produced during the drawing process.

Need a reliable, best-quality source for electroplated wire? Look to Summit!

Depending on functional needs and budget, our Research and Plating teams can engineer finishes to enhance electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, solderability, temperature resistance to heat, and appearance. We’ll also meet exacting specifications for plating material, thickness, and finish characteristics.

Look to Summit Plating as an outsource supplier too!

Are you a large OEM with limited in-house plating capabilities? Summit Plating is ready to assist in helping meet meet supply requirements outside your standard capability ranges—or for unique requirement needs.

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