Nickel Electroplating of Round Wire

Nickel Electroplating provides corrosion resistance, wear resistance, durability and aesthetics.

Nickel Electroplating characteristics

Nickel Electroplating increases both operating temperature and solder-ability characteristics of wire at a performance level superior to other “industrial plating” solutions. Nickel’s hardness characteristics give Nickel Plated Wire significantly greater resistance to corrosion from external elements, but does necessitate flux activation to ensure effective soldered connections.

Diverse Nickel Plating capabilities

Summit Plating’s existing Nickel plating capabilities are greatly enhanced with the acquisition of Torpedo Specialty Wire. Traditionally supplying Nickel plated Cu in the 2%—8% thickness by volume range, Summit has new capabilities acquired from Torpedo that solidify its technical know-how and expand its capabilities into a wide range of plating thicknesses and base materials. Widely considered the foremost provider of “high spec” Nickel plating on Cu and Steel substrates, Summit has adopted Torpedo’s time tested proprietary process for producing Nickel plated products to a wide range of industries. Summit’s consistent supply of Nickel plated products further entrenches us in industries like Aerospace, Military, Music, Automotive, Lighting, and Oil & Gas.


Nickel Electroplating Capabilities

Wire Diameter: .005"-.300"
Specifications: ASTM B 689, QQ-N-290, ASTM B355
Base Material: Cu, BeCu, Copper Alloys, Phos Bronze, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum, Inconel, Kovar, Monel, Waspaloy, Hastelloy
Coating Thickness: FLASH-.0035”, 27%
Finishes: Matte, Semi-Bright, Bright


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