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Summit Plating Options:
Precious and Non-Precious  Metals

Summit Plating’s exacting control of electroplating and electroless plating using a wide range of materials
allows us to provide performance and appearance-enhancing finishes for a number of strictly
controlled and monitored industries, including Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Electronics, Music and more.

  • GOLD

    Gold electroplating is the premier metal finish for electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. These characteristics make Gold the preferred coating for electronic components, including connectors, printed circuit boards, switches, etc. Gold electroplating is often accompanied with a Nickel barrier layer on various substrates to enhance solderability. Gold plating is highly resistant to oxidation and tarnishing which makes it a premier choice for long duration applications. Gold plating can be used to reduce insertion forces in appropriate applications. Gold electroplating is found in electronic components, aerospace components, medical equipment components—across all industries.

    Spool Wire Stamped Stock Coiled Stock Loose Parts Specifications Met
    Hard Gold ASTM B 488
    AMS 2422
    Soft Gold ASTM B 488
    AMS 2422

    Silver is the best electrical conductor of all metal materials. Notable characteristics include excellent lubricity, high thermal conductivity, and solderability. Silver can be formulated for a wide range of finishes, hardness and durability levels, and corrosion resistance. Popular applications for Silver electroplating include electronic components, medical equipment, and cable wiring for applications in Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and more. Silver electroplating appears light gray or silver white in its natural finished form but can be altered to provide the bright silver finish in appropriate applications.

    Spool Wire Stamped Coil Stock Parts Specifications Met
    Silver ASTM
    B 700
    QQ -S-365

    Palladium electroplating is used as a functional and less expensive alternative to gold plating. Palladium is a soft metal, with low density and a low melting point. Palladium is commonly used with Nickel to create an alloy that serves as a substitute for gold plating, although adjustments often need to be made to plating specifications when substituting Gold with Palladium. Palladium with a gold flash is an economical alternative to thicker gold plating ranges on certain applications, and is generally accompanied with a Nickel barrier layer. Palladium is known for its superb wear resistance, including superior resistance to tarnishing and corrosion. Palladium is an excellent conductor and is used for electronic and contact components in industries like Aerospace, Telecom, Medical, Oil & Gas, and Technology.

    Spool Wire Stamped Coil Stock Parts

    Nickel Electroplating can be formulated to create a variety of light- to dark-toned finish options. From a brushed stainless steel appearance to a bright chrome-like gleam to even an almost black metallic finish, the diversity in Nickel finishes delivers a variety of performance characteristics. Matt Nickel finishes tend to increase ductile characteristics, while brighter finishes decrease them.

    Summit Plating has developed several proprietary formulas to achieve unique combinations of brightness and ductility to meed client part specifications. This includes competency in achieving consistent 27% plating (by volume) on both steel and copper wire through carefully controlled electroplating, drawing, and annealing processes.

    Nickel Electroplating can be used as a barrier layer for enhancing solderability and corrosion resistance in applications on red or steel, and can provide surface hardness that extends the life of high cycling parts. Other notable characteristics include excellent solder adhesion and lubricity. Industries that rely on economical, durable Nickel to enhance their parts include Mechanical, Aerospace, Electrical, and Music.

    Spool Wire Stamped Coil Stock Parts

    Electroless Nickel plating provides outstanding corrosion protection, wear resistance, and thickness uniformity for common and unique part configurations. Electroless Nickel plating differs from traditional electrolytic plating in that Electroless Nickel is deposited onto a substrate without electrical current. The autocatalytic plating process used in Electroless Nickel plating provides premier thickness uniformity and serves many applications more effectively than traditional electrolytic plating. Electroless Nickel plating exhibits many physical properties to enhance performance, including solderability, conductivity, lubricity and more. Electroless Nickel is used across many industries including Aerospace, Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Oil & Gas, Machinery and Equipment, and more.

    Spool Wire Stamped Coil Stock Parts
    Electroless Nickel

  • TIN

    Tin Plating is an effective and economical surface finish for a variety of applications in metal finishing. Tin plating is used for its outstanding solderability, corrosion resistance, and conductivity, while also providing strong durability. Tin alloys provide physical properties enhancements for function and performance. Summit’s Tin “reflow” supports many “under the hood” applications where high temperature and wear are predominant. The “reflow” process slows the formation of an intermetallic layer enhancing solderability. Tin Plating is widely used in the Automotive industry.

    Spool Wire Stamped Coil Stock Parts

    Copper Electroplating delivers a soft and malleable deposit for a variety of applications across many industries. Coppers malleable deposit characteristics allow it to remain intact on flexible base metals and is an excellent choice for wire, tubing, and other parts where movement is essential. Other strong characteristics of copper include excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, and solderability—further adding to its value for electronic components and supporting industries. Copper plating is a frequently used barrier layer deposited over red or steel base metals improve corrosion resistance, decrease contact resistance, and enhance solderability and adhesion. Copper plating is used in industries like Automotive, Telecom, Aerospace, Electronics, and more.

    Spool Wire Stamped Coil Stock Parts

    Trivalent Chrome electroplating provides similar functional characteristics as traditional Hexavalent Chrome plating without generating harmful byproducts and hazardous waste. Trivalent Chrome delivers outstanding corrosion and wear resistance and exhibits improved deposit uniformity and thickness control. Trivalent Chrome plating systems can be challenging to consistently administer and require precise engineering systems and controls. The “green” alternative to Hexavalent Chrome plating on wire is a cornerstone technical capability at Summit. Summit offers Trivalent Chrome plating on wire a variety of wire diameters and base materials

    Spool Wire Stamped Coil Stock Parts
    Trivalent Chrome

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